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Pick your favourite of our calendar activities to find out what the date is today.


You could:

  • Sing our days of the week song on Education City
  • Use your days of the week cards to work out what day it is today
  • Use the interactive number line or counting objects to work out the date today. Clue: Yesterday was the 28th.
  • Go to ICT games and complete the interactive calendar
  • Have a ‘Playdough Disco’ whilst singing along to the days of the week


Challenge: We often talk about what day it was yesterday to help us work out the day today. Let’s see if we can think ahead today. Can you tell an adult what day it will be tomorrow?


Fine motor development | Disco dough | Days of the Week song ♫

Play dough disco is a fabulous and fun fine motor activity to use in the classroom or at home! Perfect for teachers and home educators too, kids love to sing...