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2nd February 2021

2nd February 2021

Today’s Time Table

*Children’s Mental Health Week*


This week’s timetable will look a bit different, as it is Children’s Mental Health Week there will be some different activities each day that give you time to ‘Express Yourself’ through a variety of activities as this year’s focus is about expressing yourself.









1:15 – 2:35


Watch Newsround


Times Tables Practice















Express Yourself







Miss Wall Reads


08:40 – 9:10

Watch Newsround for the day’s news and happenings in the world.

Follow the link below for the up-to-date news from around the world. If you wish to discuss anything you see on Newsround please remember it for our first live lesson of the day.


Once you have watch Newsround it’s time to practice your times tables. You may want to go to the Hit the Button website or head over to Times Tables Rock stars

Let me know your high score and remember to challenge yourself with the level you choose.

If you need your login for this please send me a message and I can let you know what it is.




Key Stage Two Maths Year 5 Targeted Question Book – page 52 & 53

Estimating Volume and Capacity

Google Classroom at 9:10 for the first 15 minutes (Click the Meet Link). Please attend.


In today’s lesson you will be focusing on volume, this is the amount of space a 3D shape takes up.

When working out the volume you can either count how many squares have been used to make up the 3D shape like so...



To find the volume of this shape you need to count the cubes – even the ones behind the front 2 cubes. This shape is made up of 8 cubes so the volume would be 8cm3. You will need to be careful with this style of question as they expect you to understand there will be cubes that make the shape but that you cannot see.


The other way we can calculate the volume is to multiply the length, height and depth.



So in this instance you would multiply 4x3x2 to find the volume.


So 4 x 3 = 12 and then 12 x 2 = 24 so your volume would be 24cm3




Quiet Reading Time – Bug Club

Find a comfortable spot for your reading or you may want to find an unusual place for a change. Ask your adult to send me a picture of you reading in your spot or tell me where it is on Class Dojo.

Make sure you have your reading record signed by an adult at home to show that you have kept up your reading and send over a picture on Class Dojo, this will earn you more dojos.


10:50 – 11:50

English- Skellig Based Learning

Google Classroom at 10:50am for the first 15 minutes. (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


William Blake is mentioned several times throughout the book when Mina is talking to Michael. Below I have attached a couple of examples of the poems he wrote, have a read and see then see what you can find out about William Blake and put your information into the fact file template below or create one of your own in your blue lined books.

11:50 – 12:30

Express Yourself


Now it’s time to take yourself away from your screens, whether that’s the laptop, tablet, phone or games console. Make some time to complete 2 or more of the activities below.


Option 1

Go outside, listen…what can you hear? Come back in and write down all the different sounds you could hear.


Option 2

Draw an important memory to you – what made that memory special?


Option 3

Random acts of kindness are always a good ideas for yours and others mental health as it makes lots of people feel good. Try and think of 5 things you can do today and carry them out.


Option 4

Make yourself a box of all the things that make you happy and safe. You could use an old show box and decorate it. You can look at this when you are feeling a bit rubbish to cheer you up.



1:15 – 2:35


Biodiversity and Ecosystems


Join Mrs Walsh’s lesson today, first of all you have a short quiz to complete based on what you have been learning over the last couple of weeks. During this lesson you will discover what biodiversity is and the ecosystems in which animals live. The link is attached below.


Activity One – Give yourself 20 seconds to write down as many animals you can think of that live in a rainforest.


Activity Two – Give yourself 20 seconds again but this time write down as many animals you can think of that live in a coral reef.


You will need to take some time to think about what you can do to protect these ecosystems and protect the beautiful habitats we have on our planet that support the wide range of animals that live in them.


Activity Three – Time to get chatting to your parents/carers/siblings and come up with three main ways you are going to help protect our planet – as Mrs Walsh says it could be turning the lights off when no one is in the room or only having the heating on for a set amount of time in the day. Whatever your top three tips are when you have had your conversation – don’t forget to let me know what you choose.

2:35 - 2:45

Miss Wall Reads*

Mrs Hodgetts will be reading to you today as she wants to share a tale with you for National Storytelling Week. Enjoy