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29th January 2021

29th January 2021

Today’s Time Table








1:15 – 2:35


Watch Newsround


Times Tables Practice























Miss Wall Reads*


08:40 – 9:10

Watch Newsround for the day’s news and happenings in the world.

Follow the link below for the up-to-date news from around the world. If you wish to discuss anything you see on Newsround please remember it for our first live lesson of the day.


Once you have watch Newsround it’s time to practice your times tables. You may want to go to the Hit the Button website or head over to Times Tables Rock stars

Let me know your high score and remember to challenge yourself with the level you choose.

If you need your login for this please send me a message and I can let you know what it is.





Key Stage Two Maths Year 5 Targeted Question Book – pages 68 & 69


Google Classroom at 9:10 for the first 15 minutes (Click the Meet Link). Please attend.


During this lesson we are going to focus on translations, this is where shapes are moved up, down, left or right but they do NOT change size or appearance in any way.


When you translate a shape you need to take great care in following the instructions of translation. If it tells you to move 4 up and 3 right you need to count up 4 squares starting at one of the corners of the shape you are translating. Once you have moved the corner you then need to move the other corners in the same way – following the same translation rules each time.


Sometimes the question will ask for you to identify what translation has occurred, for this you need to report the left/right movement first then the up/down after. Remember, this is the same way in which we read coordinates too.


You will need to use a ruler for this work today as it is really important you are accurate with your translations.


I have attached the link below for the BBC Bitesize work on translations too, there are some good videos explaining translations that would be good for you to watch as well after our live session. There is also an activity sheet for you to complete too, I have attached this below.


Quiet Reading Time – Bug Club

Find a comfortable spot for your reading or you may want to find an unusual place for a change. Ask your adult to send me a picture of you reading in your spot or tell me where it is on Class Dojo.

Make sure you have your reading record signed by an adult at home to show that you have kept up your reading and send over a picture on Class Dojo, this will earn you more dojos.


10:50 – 11:50

English- Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – Pages 33, 34 & 35

Standard and Non-Standard English

Google Classroom at 10:50am for the first 15 minutes. (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


Today’s lesson is focused on Standard and Non-Standard English, we have talked about this in class previously but it’s always good to give ourselves a reminder of the standard English we should be using in our writing.


Standard English is the formal type of writing that should be used in your written work. Sometimes the way we speak is not the standard form of English and this creeps into our writing too, it is difficult to change between the way we talk and the way we write. All you need to remember is that the news presenters you see on TV should always be talking in Standard English – the posh form as we say in class.


When completing your work today, read the sentences aloud to yourself and ask yourself does it make sense? Take good care when reading aloud that you are reading the words in front of you rather than predicting what you think will be there.


In Standard English, we only use one negative word to make the meaning of the sentence negative,

Eg: I don’t know (don’t is the negative).


If we used double negatives this isn’t Standard English and it also changes the meaning of the sentence to a positive,

Eg: I don’t know nothing (both don’t and nothing are negative). This makes the sentence actually say that they do know something.


11:50 – 12:30


Charanga Yumu

Today’s lesson is focused on you accessing Charanga Yumu, if you follow the link below it will take you to the login page.


Please use your Yumu login to access Step 4 of the Adele work this week. Today you need to listen to and appraise Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. Take some time to listen to it a couple of times to become familiar with the song – it may be one that some of you have heard before and I’m sure parents will be familiar with.


Answer the questions on the page once you have listened to it, make sure you jot these down somewhere – whether it’s in your blue lined books or on a word document that’s up to you.


Spend some time today learning some more signs for the song – it would be great if we could see some of you performing the Makaton for it. Parents these can be sent to school’s Facebook page and I will pick them up. I had some fantastic videos last week of children playing instruments to the song.


1:15 – 2:35


I have attached below some ideas for relaxation activities you could have a go at this afternoon, they are only short activities but they will help you to relax and have some you time. You have all worked really hard this week and over the last few weeks that you deserve some time out. You can either choose to have a go at some of these activities or have some family time – watch a film together, do some baking, play a board game, help make tea but whatever you choose to do have fun and relax.

2:35 – 2:45
Miss Wall Reads*

This will be a different session this week, I’d like for you to have a think about what you have enjoyed this week and what you feel you would like more of as the week’s pass in our online learning together. Please bring any suggestions of activities we could do or what you would like more of to this session.