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27th January 2021

27th January 2021

Today’s Time Table








1:15 – 2:35


Watch Newsround


Times Tables Practice























Miss Wall Reads


08:40 – 9:10

Watch Newsround for the day’s news and happenings in the world.

Follow the link below for the up-to-date news from around the world. If you wish to discuss anything you see on Newsround please remember it for our first live lesson of the day.


Once you have watch Newsround it’s time to practice your times tables. You may want to go to the Hit the Button website or head over to Times Tables Rock stars

Let me know your high score and remember to challenge yourself with the level you choose.

If you need your login for this please send me a message and I can let you know what it is.





Key Stage Two Maths Year 5 Targeted Question Book – page 60 & 61

Angle Rules

Google Classroom at 9:10 for the first 15 minutes (Click the Meet Link). Please attend.


Today we will be looking at the rules that apply when working out the size of angles around a point and on a straight line. All you need is your addition and subtraction knowledge to work out the answers. I have put the rules below to help you with today’s lesson.


Rule 1: Angles at a point add up to 360°

This image shows a full turn from a central point with 4 individual angles.  The angles 53° 80° 140° 87° when added together total 360° which proves the first rule: Angles at a point add up to 360°

If any of the angles are missing, you would need to add the angles together that you had been given then subtract their total from 360. To check the angle is correct you could then use your knowledge of using the inverse to make sure.


This image shows a missing angle, we need to work on what we already know.  We have 105°, 90° (right angle) and 25° angles, we need to add these angles together.  The total is 220°.

We now need to subtract our total from 360° as this is the total of all angles around a point. Please write this down as a column subtraction.


The total after subtracting 220 from 360 is 140 so we check by using the inverse that our answer is correct.  We then fill in the missing angle, which in this case is 140° please remember to put in the degree symbol when writing your answers.


Rule 2: Angles on a straight line add up to 180o


This image shows angles on a straight line, as you can see the angle is shown as 180o.

Angles on a straight line can also be missing so be careful when you need to find missing angles as the total is out of 180, not 360.


This image shows 3 angles on a straight line, one of the angles is missing.  We know that the angles on a straight line add up to 180°so in this example we have been given a 74° angle and a 33°. We need to add them together to find out the total.  Our total is 107° we now need to subtract 107 from 180 as the angles on a straight line add up to 180°. The difference is 73° this is our missing angle.  We can check by using the inverse to confirm we are correct.


Miss Watton



Quiet Reading Time – Bug Club

Find a comfortable spot for your reading or you may want to find an unusual place for a change. Ask your adult to send me a picture of you reading in your spot or tell me where it is on Class Dojo.

Make sure you have your reading record signed by an adult at home to show that you have kept up your reading and send over a picture on Class Dojo, this will earn you more dojos.


10:50 – 11:50

English- Skellig Based Activity

Google Classroom at 10:50am for the first 15 minutes. (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


Read through the beginning of Chapter 31 below, make note of the description that is given when Michael and Mina are searching for Skellig.



Today you are going to write your own descriptive piece that details how you are searching for something important. Use the planning sheet attached to help you plan for your ideas. We will do one together during our live lesson so have a think of some ideas ready for this.


You will also need to think about the use of verbs in this extract – remember verbs are the actions that are being carried out eg, opened, glared, felt to name but a few.


Once you have planned your search take some time to structure your paragraph, you might want to use ‘We’ to include a second character like Michael and Mina.

11:50 – 12:30


What Makes a Good Website?


Follow Miss Bickel on the Oak National Academy to learn what features you could include in your own web page, what media you could include and draw your own webpage layout to suit its purpose.


You will need to think about the purpose of a website that you are creating – who is going to use it? What information will you need to have to be able to make it clear what your website is about?


When Miss Bickel gives you the demo on Google Sites you could actually follow along and create your own as you have access to Google Sites through your Google Classroom account. To be able to get on to Google Sites you can click  which is found on the top right of your page. In this menu you then have a link called Sites. You will then need to select a blank template to use. This will take you to the same page that Miss Bickel uses.


Once you have completed your design you can share it with me. You will need to click on  

and type in my email address: and then press send. I will then be able to see what you have created.



1:15 – 2:35


Life Cycles - Comparing Life Cycles


Today’s lesson we will be continuing with our topic on life cycles.  We are going to be focusing on observing and comparing life cycles of animals in our local environment with other animals around the world. 


Read through the presentation then research using books, encyclopaedias, or the internet to find facts about an environment in a different part of the world.

Your task is to make a small display about the environment you have been researching about.  Read the information sheet which is attached to see what information you could include on your display.


When you finish your display there is activity two to complete.  You need to highlight the similarities and differences between the two animals shown and their environments.


Miss Watton

2:35 – 2:45
Miss Wall Reads

We will begin to read some more of our class read ‘Skellig’ – this session will take place on Google Classroom. I will be reading Chapters 36, 37 & 38 during this session. I wonder if the baby will be ok after her operation, if Skellig is still waiting for Michael and Mina, if Coot and Leakey will be friends with Michael again?