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15th January 2021

15th January 2021

Today’s Time Table









1:15 – 2:35


Watch Newsround


Times Tables Practice






















Miss Wall Reads


08:40 – 9:10

Watch Newsround for the day’s news and happenings in the world.

Follow the link below for the up-to-date news from around the world. If you wish to discuss anything you see on Newsround please remember it for our first live lesson of the day.


Once you have watch Newsround it’s time to practice your times tables. You may want to go to the Hit the Button website or head over to Times Tables Rock stars


Let me know your high score and remember to challenge yourself with the level you choose.

If you need your login for this please send me a message and I can let you know what it is.




Key Stage Two Maths Year 5 Targeted Question Book – page 34 and 35

Writing Decimals as Fractions

Google Classroom at 9:10 for the first 15 minutes (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


For today’s lesson we are going to focus on how we can convert decimals to fractions, to be able to do this we need to use our place value knowledge. Remember the digits after the decimal point are tenths, hundredths and thousandths.


When you are writing decimals as fractions you need to look at the last digit in your number – this will tell you what your denominator would be,




0.54 - the last digit of the number is 4, this is in the hundredths column so my denominator in the fraction would be 100.


To write the numerator in this number I would just take the digits of 54 from the decimal and write this as my numerator





If the number was 0.078 – the last digit of the number is 8, this is in the thousandths column so my denominator in the fraction would be 1000.


Again take the digits from the decimal and use these for your numerator – this time you have 78





When you are writing decimals as fractions that have a number in the ones column eg: 1.65 you will need to write your fraction as a mixed number


So the 5 in the number is in the hundredths column – this means your fraction will be out of 100 and have 65 as your numerator



100    however you still have the 1 remaining from the ones column before the decimal point.


 So you would have




Quiet Reading Time – You might want to try Bug Club today

Find a comfortable spot for your reading or you may want to find an unusual place for a change. Ask your adult to send me a picture of you reading in your spot or tell me where it is on Class Dojo.

Make sure you have your reading record signed by an adult at home to show that you have kept up your reading and send over a picture on Class Dojo, this will earn you more dojos.


10:50 – 11:50


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Book – Page 23

Using Conjunctions for Cohesion

Google Classroom at 10:50am for the first 15 minutes (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


Now you have got to grips with subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions it’s time to look at how we use conjunctions for cohesion – this means to make it flow better.

When thinking about your writing, we wouldn’t write lots of short sentences all the time as this would be quite boring to read and most of these ideas would like together if you used conjunctions.


Use some of the conjunctions that we came across on Wednesday to make the sentences in your book link together but please don’t over-use the conjunctions. Think about which ideas link together.



11:50 – 12:30



We are going to continue with you learning the Makaton for Make You Feel My Love first I would like you to have a listen of this different version of the song – this is in fact the original version. Have a listen and answer the following questions in your blue lined book:

1. What instruments can you hear?

2. What is your opinion of this version of the song?

3. Which version of the song do you prefer? Adele or Bob Dylan?

4. Explain why you prefer that version. 

Bob Dylan - Make You Feel My Love (Audio) (320 kbps).mp3

Once you have listened and answered the questions take another look at the Makaton version and practice some more – see if you can remember some of the Makaton signs from last week – can you do the whole chorus now? Which parts are you finding tricky to master?

Make You Feel My Love - Makaton.mp4

Still image for this video

1:15 – 2:35


This afternoon I would like you to take some time for your wellbeing – this is a very important thing that we all need to focus on especially during your time at home. Wellbeing links to your mental health, physical health and emotional health, it’s key to look after all different aspects of our bodies. Take some time to fill in the wellbeing booklet below, think about what you are going to do for you and for others in your house. Every little thing counts and will make a difference for someone, whether that’s you, a sibling, parent/carer or pet.

2:35 – 2:45
Miss Wall Reads

We will continue to read some more of our class read ‘Skellig’ – this session will take place on Google Classroom. I will be reading Chapters 15, 16 and 17 during this session. I wonder what we find out about Michael and Mina today.