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14th January 2021

14th January 2021

Today’s Time Table








1:15 – 2:35


Watch Newsround


Times Tables Practice






















Miss Wall Reads


08:40 – 9:10

Watch Newsround for the day’s news and happenings in the world.

Follow the link below for the up-to-date news from around the world. If you wish to discuss anything you see on Newsround please remember it for our first Google Meet of the day.


Once you have watch Newsround it’s time to practice your times tables. You may want to go to the Hit the Button website or head over to Times Tables Rock stars

Let me know your high score and remember to challenge yourself with the level you choose.

If you need your login for this please send me a message and I can let you know what it is.





Key Stage Two Maths Year 5 Targeted Question Book – page 29

Ordering Fractions

Google Classroom at 9:10 for the first 15 minutes (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


Today you will be using your fractions skills again, you will be ordering fractions this time. For the first couple of questions you have an advantage as the denominators in the questions are the same, when ordering fractions with the same denominator you just need to look at the numerator to see which is larger.


When the denominator is different you need to make them the same – this is similar to what we were doing yesterday only both denominators need to be exactly the same.


If you had 3/5 and 4/10 and I asked you to tell me which was larger this would be tricky as the denominators are different. To make our lives easier we can make them the same – most of the time we only need to change one fraction


3/5                        4/10


I can make 3/5 so it is tenths the same as 4/10

To do this I would need to do the same to the bottom as I do to the top. So to make 5 into 10 I would multiply by 2. Again, I would do the same to the top, so 3 x 2 =6

This would give me the fraction 6/10


So looking at it now, which is the largest 6/10 or 4/10?


When you have more than 2 fractions to compare and they have different denominators again, you will need to make them all the same.




2/4              5/8                        3/16


All of these can be made into /16 as 4 goes into 16 and 8 goes into 16.


2/4 to make it out of 16 I need to multiply both parts by 4 = 8/16


5/8 to make it out of 16 I need to multiply both parts by 2 = 10/16


3/16 I do not need to do anything to this as it is already out of 16.


So which is the largest – 8/16,     10/16  or      3/16?




Quiet Reading Time

Find a comfortable spot for your reading or you may want to find an unusual place for a change. Ask your adult to send me a picture of you reading in your spot or tell me where it is on Class Dojo.

Make sure you have your reading record signed by an adult at home to show that you have kept up your reading and send over a picture on Class Dojo, this will earn you more dojos.


10:50 – 11:50


Comprehension Book One (the one with the train on) – Pages 10 and 11

Comprehension Book One (the one with Stonehenge on- if you have this one) – Pages 8 and 9

Google Classroom at 10:50am for the first 15 minutes (Click on the Meet Link). Please attend.


The first part of the session will be online to share a guided text about the Mayans, this is the document that is attached below. If you want to print it to be able to follow it you can but if you don’t have this option it will be shared on the screen so you can see it.

11:50 – 12:30



Last year we learnt about animals in Spanish, this lesson is a recap on the names and how to pronounce them along with answering questions about the pets you have/would like.


Please use the presentation below to recap on the names of some pets, if you would like to find out any more then use Google Translate to translate from English to Spanish.


I have also attached some sound files so you can practice your pronunciation of the animals and the questions you will need to answer in your books. On the presentation I have included a translation as to what the questions mean. The sheet then has the questions written out so you can answer them.

los animales.wav

un caballo.wav

un hámster.wav

un pájaro.wav

un pez.wav

¿Qué animal quisieras tener_.wav

¿Por qué_.wav

1:15 – 2:35


Day of the Dead

For Art today we are going to focus on the skulls that you will have come across creating your collages and research last week. I have attached some templates of decorated skulls – please either colour one of these in carefully thinking about the colours that are used in the celebration. If you can’t print and colour it in I would like you to sketch one and then add your own patterns and colours.


If you have printed the skull out and coloured it in, I would then like you to take your time in sketching the skull you have coloured in in your blue books. Look carefully at the detail in the image and remember to press lightly on your page so you can rub out any mistakes you make as you go. Place your coloured sheet and your sketch next to each other and don’t forget to send me a photo of them on Class Dojo.

2:35 – 2:45
Miss Wall Reads

We will continue to read some more of our class read ‘Skellig’ – this session will take place on Google Classroom. I will be reading Chapters 12, 13 and 14 during this session. I wonder what we find out about Michael and his school friends.